Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To empower people, in the Spirit of Christ, to respond to the basic needs of the people of Southwest Louisiana.  We recognize the sacredness of all humanity.  We show responsibility with the time and resources entrusted to us by our benefactors.  We network in a spirit of cooperation with other service agencies in Southwest Louisiana.  We meet current needs while nurturing our aspiration toward growth in further service areas.  We act on behalf of the members of our community whose voices may otherwise go unheard.


Our Mission

The Diocese of Lake Charles, established in 1980, was carved from the area in Southwest Louisiana that formerly made up the Diocese of Lafayette.  After the diocese's formation, it continued to provide assistance to those in need through its Office of Catholic Social Services.  This was done with financial assistance to those in need to pay rent, mortgages, and utilities. A food pantry was also part of the operation as well as providing clothing for those in need.